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Established on 04th december 2022 in honor of Yvan Buravan. The YB  foundation is a common-benefit foundation dedicated to continuing Yvan Buravan’s legacy and developing a broad awareness and appreciation for Rwanda’s cultural among the Rwandan youth to inspire them take the lead in maintaining Rwanda’s cultural identity, improve their well being and also help the country achieve a sustainable development.

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Our Mission

The YB Foundation aims to continue Yvan Buravan’s legacy, raise awareness against cancer and foster a deep understanding and admiration for Rwanda's cultural heritage among young people.


Our Vision

We envision communities where young people-even those in the most remote areas of the country- live a healthy lifestyle, are able to preserve Rwanda’s rich cultural heritage, and are also supported to achieve their fullest potential.


TWAJE Cultural Academy

A fun and exciting educational program for both primary and secondary school aged children designed to enhance their kinyarwanda speaking skills, encourage them to explore and embrace their cultural identity,build self-esteem, develop their critical thinking,foster creativity,inculcate patriotism, and also  help them  recognize the richness of Rwandan culture.

TWAJE Events

unique events organized to showcase  and preserve Rwandan culture. The twaje events complement the existing initiatives designed to help the young generation learn their culture.

Turikumwe Campain

Campaign aimed at raising public literacy and understanding around cancer

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In Person

11 KG 28 Ave, Kigali


+250 782 031 200



donate and support our cause

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Over the Phone

for any support or clarification you can call us at

+250 788 319 622

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By Email

if you wish to email us for any support you can use

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