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Turikumwe Campaign

raising the public literacy and understanding around cancer to reduce fear, increase understanding,dispel myths and misconceptions, and inspire the public to take action to reduce cancer risks and the impact it has on the people we love and the country.

Our Impact By 2030, we aim to

  • Reach over 1 million people


  • Encourage over 500K young people to do Cancer screenings


  • To provide support to over 200,000  cancer patients


Campaign ambassadors

Individuals who have survived cancer, healthcare professionals, or celebrities who are using their platforms to advocate for cancer prevention and early detection.


Every effort counts, no matter how big or small. By joining the campaign against cancer, you contribute to creating a world where prevention, early detection, and effective treatment options are available to all.


There are various options available to join Turikumwe, the campaign against cancer initiated by the YB Foundation. Individuals and organizations can actively participate and contribute to this important cause in several ways.


You can volunteer your time and skills to support the campaign. This may involve organizing awareness events, participating in fundraising activities, or assisting with administrative tasks. Volunteering provides an opportunity to make a direct impact and actively contribute to the fight against cancer.


You can organize fundraising activities or events to generate financial support for the campaign. This could include charity runs, concerts, auctions, or online crowdfunding campaigns. By mobilizing resources, you can help provide necessary funds for cancer screenings, treatment, and support initiatives.

Spreading Awareness

Help raise public awareness about cancer by sharing information and resources provided. Utilize social media platforms, community gatherings, or educational institutions to disseminate knowledge about cancer prevention, early detection, and available support services. By spreading awareness, you can empower individuals to take proactive steps towards a healthier lifestyle and seek timely medical attention.


Partner with the YB Foundation to establish collaborations and alliances with other organizations, medical institutions, and community groups. By joining forces, you can leverage collective expertise and resources to maximize the impact of the campaign. Collaborations may include joint events, awareness campaigns, or research initiatives.


Contribute to the campaign by making financial donations to support the campaign. These contributions enable the foundation to undertake vital activities such as awareness campaigns, and support programs for cancer patients and their families.

By exploring these options, you can actively participate in Turikumwe, standing together with the YB Foundation in the campaign against cancer. Together, we can make a significant difference in raising awareness, supporting those affected by cancer, and ultimately striving towards a cancer-free future.

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