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There are several options available to join the Twaje program, which aims to equip children with 21st-century skills while also integrating traditional values into their future careers. These options include:

If you have a child of school-going age, you can enroll them in the Twaje program to provide them with a unique and holistic learning experience. Through the program, your child will develop essential skills such as critical thinking, communication, and collaboration, which are essential for success in the modern world. At the same time, they will also learn about Rwanda's cultural heritage and how to integrate it into their future careers.

If you represent an organization, you can partner with the Twaje program to support its goals. Partnerships may involve providing financial support, contributing expertise and resources, or collaborating on joint initiatives.

You can volunteer your time and skills to support the Twaje program. This may involve assisting with curriculum development, providing mentorship to students, or organizing events and activities that promote the program's goals.

You can make financial donations to support the Twaje program. These contributions enable the program to undertake vital activities such as curriculum development, teacher training, and the provision of learning materials.

By exploring these options, you can actively participate in the Twaje program, contributing to the development of children's 21st-century skills and the preservation of Rwanda's cultural identity. With your support, we can prepare children to thrive in an ever-evolving global landscape while also upholding their heritage and values.

Over the course of the next five years, our goal is to provide training to more than 5,000 students hailing from over 50 diverse partner schools. 


The curriculum pillars of our program are designed to make learning the history of Rwanda engaging, enjoyable, and accessible for children. Our approach aims to intertwine three key elements: the exploration of Rwanda's rich history, the enhancement of Kinyarwanda speaking skills, and the development of essential 21st-century skills.

Firstly, we delve into the captivating history of Rwanda, utilizing interactive and immersive methods to make the learning experience both fun and educational. Through storytelling, multimedia resources, and hands-on activities, children are encouraged to discover the past, understand the significance of historical events, and appreciate the country's cultural heritage.

Simultaneously, we prioritize the improvement of Kinyarwanda speaking skills. Language is a vital aspect of cultural identity, and we believe that fostering proficiency in Kinyarwanda strengthens the connection between children and their Rwandan heritage. Interactive language exercises, conversational practice, and engaging cultural activities are integrated into the curriculum to facilitate language acquisition and ensure its relevance to daily life.

Lastly, our program places a strong emphasis on equipping children with essential 21st-century skills that are necessary for success in today's rapidly evolving world. We incorporate critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, digital and financial literacy into the curriculum. By developing these skills, children are empowered to adapt to new challenges, navigate technology, and thrive in an ever-changing global landscape.

Through this comprehensive approach, our program not only imparts knowledge and skills but also fosters a sense of pride in Rwandan identity. By connecting the past with the present, we enable children to embrace their heritage, become active participants in their community, and confidently contribute to Rwanda's future while thriving in the modern world.

Participants(Inkongi juniors) are encouraged to embrace Rwandan cultural values and the following core values that reflect the life and legacy of Yvan Buravan:

  • Compassion

  • Discipline

  • Integrity

  • Courage

  • Humility

  • Selflessness

Program Elements

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Twaje Dance School Program

Kids train feeling secure and unintimidated and also get a chance of being  trained by the best traditional dance coaches in the country

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