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What Buravan’s foundation means for Rwanda’s music industry

Updated: Mar 19

On December 4, the family and friends of music icon Yvan Buravan announced the 'YB Foundation,' an initiative responsible for rebuilding his legacy and campaigning to combat the rapid growth of cancer cases in Rwanda as well as taking the next generation in Rwanda’s music industry to unimaginable heights.

The late R&B singer who succumbed to pancreatic cancer in India on August 17, was known for his philanthropic efforts towards his community and Rwanda’s music industry in which he played a big role to make it recognised internationally.

The YB foundation, according to Ciney Aisha Uwimana, head of YB foundation’s communication, was launched in honor of Yvan Buravan and it is dedicated to continuing the work he began of preserving Rwandan cultural heritage and protecting it through music and art.

A foundation for culture and music

Speaking to The New Times, Uwimana who is also Buravan’s relative said that although the foundation aims to tackle the rapid growth of cancer cases in Rwanda among other issues, the main focus of the foundation is to make change in Rwanda’s music industry as Buravan wished before passing away.

“YB Foundation is here to continue Twande, a culture initiative Buravan launched in 2021 funded by the 'Imbuto Foundation' through the Ministry of Youth and Culture which aimed to preserve our culture and give it a room in today’s art, which is something Buravan had already started by releasing his latest album, Twaje,” Uwimana said.

The majority of Buravan’s songs on Twaje were a fusion of modern and traditional music which was his goal of showing interest in bringing a cultural vibe in his music to maintain the identity of Rwandan music.

The album, according to Uwimana, is one of the best projects ever produced in the Rwandan music industry because of its fusion of Rwandan traditional sounds with modern sounds, an innovation YB foundation wants to instill in other musicians.

“The foundation is responsible for taking the next generation in Rwanda’s music to unimaginable heights. We are trying to create clubs and hubs where talents can be facilitated to grow as well as working together with Rwandan musicians who are in line with 'Twande' spirit of making music that promotes Rwandan culture.”

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